A blanket covers the horizon,
Dark, hazy and unclean 
Eyes open, inevitably clouded
By hateful smoke that we see 

They cannot breathe
We cannot breathe 
All of us struggling for air 

Are we afraid of the dark still ahead of us
– or the darkness of fear that is here?

An image too cruel to remember,
Important to never forget 
We grapple with pain, loss and anger 
If only we knew what is next 

Still many of us so removed
Oceans apart and away
How are we to live in this moment?
How might we know what to say?

Escape seems the easier answer
If justice is out of control
I turn away from the story
Else I bury myself in its hole

Yet I know, yes I know 
The true answer
All along, it is what lies within

For we are more than this earth,
Than our bodies,
Than our trials,
Or our heartaches and sins

The real story lies in redemption
How we overcome, how we are saved

It’s through Him on the cross 
In His Spirit – 
That we live, not in fear, but
In faith.

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