Our Words

Our Words

“I believe our thoughts and words are powerful far beyond what we suspect, that they carry some sort of mysterious heft that ripples outward, like the tiny flap of the butterfly wings causing a hurricane.”

Josh Radnor

It is easy to get lost in our digital world.

Amidst the flurry of pictures and moving images across countless screens and mobile devices, we are conditioned to seek constant visual stimulation, though in short bursts and within superficial contexts. Such is the allure of visceral entertainment and the persuasiveness of commercial advertising.

The art of writing often takes a humble backseat. Perhaps it knows that even as technology advances, words will always be a necessity in a world that relies on communication and expression; whether written or spoken, across platforms, industries, societies, cultures and generations.

I started this blog to help remind us of this gift.

This amazing God-given opportunity to access language and literature, where words not only inform and educate us, but also inspire us and help us to find purpose.

All too often I hear the phrases, “it is easier said than done” and “actions speak louder than words” which merely reduce words as some meaningless articles which bear no influence on how we think and behave.

However there is one profound truth I believe we must start paying more attention to, that truth is this:


Everything we decide to do in life is based on our thoughts, beliefs, conversations and learnings. Our mindset is what sets us on a certain path at any given time, and we all know that path isn’t always the right one.

But what if instead of trying to avoid failure, we start embracing opportunity? What if instead of being crippled by fear, we could be motivated by courage?

The best thing about this is, the choice is entirely up to us.

What I know for sure is that when you choose to focus on positive words, you empower yourself to take positive action. Regardless of the outcome, you can find reward in the process, taking that one step closer towards discovering your purpose and becoming your best self.

As technology can keep evolving, so we can, and we must. It all starts with how we think, listen, speak, read and write.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

JOHN 1:1 ( KJV)

It starts with our words.

I am committed to sharing my passion for words with you all.

Through my books, passion projects and my blog, I want to help others live creatively and unlock purpose by learning to harness the power of words.

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