In Our Time

In Our Time

As the festive season draws near, I have naturally begun to ponder in retrospect, especially given the last 12 months of my life have been tumultuous of sorts, yet so creatively gratifying.

I have been thinking endlessly about the future, but often without completely letting go of the past – especially the parts that still press on my heart a little too hard. My mind with my heart, working overtime to untangle knots that they themselves created.

In the time that’s elapsed, I wonder what it is that I’ve actually accomplished, whether I’ve taken too long to find my feet again or if I have occupied myself with distractors that are perhaps making me fall behind where I should be.

But today by some gift from the universe, I met a lovely young female entrepreneur who spoke truths about our mutual journey. We shared stories of regret, of doubt and fear in this uncertain pathway and upon mentioning my state of ‘feeling behind’, she provided me this comfort:

“I used to feel that way. Like I should have done things earlier. But now, I always say to myself that I am right on schedule, that now is the time I’m ready for whatever the thing is. I am right on schedule.”

Such are words of faith.

Words that encourage us to accept our present moment, our present path.

Words that teach us to believe that everything happens for a reason, that maybe we are being protected or prepared somehow.

We are all making mistakes, feeling shame and regret, blaming ourselves for not taking the chances we should’ve taken way back when.

But these things don’t define us, they re-build us.

They enable us clarity, improvement and an opportunity to appreciate where we are and where we’re going.

Time cannot be recovered, halted or dwelled upon for it is always moving.

So as long as we too are always moving, we are unequivocally, right on schedule.

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