Create What Matters

Create What Matters

Recently I’ve become aware of the imbalance in my priorities regarding these two concepts: Creation and Consumption.

My entrepreneurial endeavours have opened me up to a new world of knowledge, ideas, insights, problems, solutions and discoveries. This is our great Information age, where there is so much to read, to watch, to listen to and explore. I am grateful for it and I immerse myself in it. But now, I must stop.

I have realised as a creator, that the majority of my time is not actually spent creating but in fact, consuming what others have created. Although I highly value the three R’s of study (self-coined at this exact minute): ReadingResearch and Reflection, it is another thing to lose one’s self in inspiration to the point of paralysis — where the muse is present but not activated, because the artist has no clarity on where to start.

It must sound a ridiculous problem to have — inspiration overwhelm — but where there are multiple channels of creative content driving us towards self-improvement and high-performance, there seems to be less space to actually hear one’s own creative voice.

The challenge then, is to reduce the noise.

It makes sense then that people, particularly now in our highly advanced Western world, are craving the feeling of lasting happiness and inner peace. These desires are leading the focus on meditation, yoga, mental health, general wellness and spirituality, all of which are positively shaping our culture.

Yet ironically, over-consumption of these can have the adverse effect, which take shape in the anxieties I myself have experienced, upon realising I’m not living the ‘ideal lifestyle’ as endorsed by the magnitude of influencers across the Internet and social media.

The truth is, only YOU can define what is ‘ideal’ for you and only YOU are responsible for creating it in your life. In order to do so, you must first listen to your own voice.

Reduce the noise.

My first year out of corporate Australia and into online entrepreneurship, has led me to deep consumption. Somehow, fear (curiosity, also) has been the driving force to learn as much as I can about everything I can, in hope to feel more confident in my creative pursuits. I’ve read all kinds of books and blogs, watched videos, listened to podcasts, attended webinars and live conferences and events. I longed to be as equipped as I possibly can be in order to manage this career transition and ensure success.

However, I’ve learned that nothing on this path is guaranteed.

I’ve learned that the content I’ve been consuming is not always right for me. Or simply right, for that matter. I’ve learned that we are all different and there is no one rule that applies to everybody. I’ve learned that at the end of the day, the only thing you should be prioritising, is what matters to you and those you love.

So what is it that matters to you? What is your life’s mission or calling? What is your truth?

Don’t let being a consumer of content consume your power to be a creator.

If you long for success, you must generate it. If you long for deep joy and fulfilment, you must wield your power to create it.

But first, you must figure out what this success, joy and fulfilment looks like specifically to YOU. If you’re in tune with your own voice, nobody else can dictate the path you walk.

This is the real challenge for all us, to do work that truly matters. We must not only consume, but create things that help us discover real meaning and purpose in our lives.

In our own uniqueness.

Away from all of the noise.

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