Bright Forces

Bright Forces

As different as each of us are from one another, there is one thing that unites us all: our desire for human connection.

This past month has been an eye-opening one for me, not so much in relation to my business pursuits but more so emotionally and spiritually – matters of the heart, if you will.

My activities throughout the Easter season have allowed me to connect with my community in a way I haven’t done so in a very long time. Faith-sharing and fellowship through music and conversation has somehow renewed my sense of purpose in the world, not only with regards to my career, but simply as a human being.

I understand now what truly matters to each of us, what each of us longs for, what each of us need to thrive. These things my friends are no secret, nor are they elusive – they are in fact virtues inherent within us and attainable beyond us, if we search hard enough.

They are as infinite as they are powerful. They are; kindness and love.

Over the course of two weeks I have spoken to people whom I often see but never converse. People at my local church, in my neighbourhood, within my community and surrounds. I have taken the time to stop and listen. To understand. To laugh. To share. To empathise. To give.

I’ve engaged in new conversations with new people, people whom have taught me more about myself and importantly, the type of person I really want to be. I better understand my personal values and though I’m still discerning my exact path in this new season of my life, I’ve laid a firmer foundation to start from.

I’ve realised that amidst our differences, it is human connection that we all strive for. We need and want to feel loved. We want to belong somewhere. We don’t want to be forgotten.

Being an entrepreneur can be an isolating venture, it’s something I often struggle with. Such situations bring about feelings of anxiety, fear, overwhelm self-doubt and helplessness.

Connecting with people these last few weeks has helped shifted my perspective. It has shown me just how much kindness and love are reciprocal – in order to truly feel it within myself, I have to openly share it with others. Not just by intent or from a distance, but through action and with presence.

Negative experiences with people condition us to avoid pain at all costs, but they can in turn, also hinder us from opportunities to receive joy.

Through the smiles of strangers and hugs from neighbours, I have unlocked a greater understanding. I understand that in closing myself off from the world for fear of rejection, failure, discrimination or humiliation, I also close myself off to the possibilities of love, acceptance, happiness and prosperity.

In a world overwhelmed by darkness, the smallest light still can win.

May we, through connecting with each other in even the most simplest acts of kindness and love, enable each of our little lights to converge into a brightness that can never be defeated.

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