After Dusk

After Dusk

There is great sadness in the world.

Our own hearts ache for the pain of others and we feel angry, oft helpless, at circumstances we cannot seem to change though there is clear resolve to make.

Some counter fear with communal solidarity, others, with apathy. We have the luxury of choice.

Yet what remains will always be this very moment. However we feel, whatever we think, that which we choose to do – all manifest in this moment, and all, within our control.

There will always be uncertainty in the future. There will always be hurt in the past.

But there is also love and hope.

And these, my friends, are timeless, powerful entities that nobody can ever take away, so long as they live within us.

In deeper reflection, I revisited a piece I wrote after the death of Jill Meagher, another young Australian woman brutally raped and murdered like Eurydice Dixon. Both, such tragic events which happened in my neighbourhood and surrounds. However I have realised that the story and sentiment of this poem, rings true to all women whose lives have been so cruelly violated at the hands of evil men. I hope to never have another reason to write this way again.

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