I’m Eira Joy, a Melbourne-based writer and musician. I develop and produce multi-platform content in support of creative people and industries.

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The state of youth unemployment in Australia is an issue close to my heart given everything I have experienced personally, as well as my work with The Mentorship. This essay is a reflection on key lessons I gleaned as a student and graduate and ultimately, as an employee in the professional workforce who suddenly found herself jobless after a fairly successful Media career. I hope this provides some valuable insight for you, whether you work with young people or are a young person yourself.

What I do


Since 2017, I have poured my heart and focus into creating valuable content across various platforms. I have been writing articles, essays, books and developing lessons and strategies to help educate people in my community, young people in particular.

I am committed to documenting and exploring issues surrounding youth unemployment, education, creativity and social purpose; and am actively working on sharing my ideas and research across different mediums.


Through social enterprise The Mentorship, I provide practical training and career mentoring to graduates as they transition from education into the professional workforce.

Unemployment and underemployment are issues that significantly affect young Australians, and my goal is to help bridge the gaps across sectors that leave them feeling lost and worried about the future. I am constantly striving to ensure my initiatives power creative practice and inspire creative thinking, which I believe is the key to helping young people thrive in our ever-changing social, cultural and economical landscape.


As a media and marketing consultant, I have been collaborating with various small businesses over the last few years. I’ve had the pleasure of working with some wonderful non-profit organisations who share my vision of harnessing creativity to affect positive social change on a local and global scale.

Through strategic development, content creation, soft-skill training and resource support, I am passionate about building meaningful partnerships that help achieve clarity, growth and fulfilment for people and their companies.


Freelancing as a workshop trainer and facilitator has strengthened my belief in the power of spoken words and auditory storytelling as a way to encourage people into positive action.

In 2020, I launched the Dear Future Boss podcast to further explore the challenges that young people face after their studies, particularly those in fields where there are no clear job outcomes, stability or support. Hosting the series has given me another effective avenue to analyse the future of work for Millennials and Generation Z, helping open up conversations on how we can better harness our collective skills and resources for the benefit of the next generation.

Organisations I've worked with

Current work & projects

The Mentorship

A social enterprise that supports recent graduates in their transition from full-time education into professional employment.

On Courage

A reflective and explorative podcast about courage and creativity, for those who desire to be a little more courageous each and every day.

The Graduate’s Guide

A creative platform and community dedicated to empowering young jobseekers and graduates.

Work with me

If you are a recent graduate, young jobseeker or creative freelancer, I would love to support you as you build your career in the professional workforce.

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Mentee testimonials

Eira is such a wonderful mentor and teacher. She is such a selfless person and has such a positive nature. She is always encouraging individuals that it is possible to turn a passion into a career. It was with Eira’s mentoring that helped me get a job in the media field. She is always dedicated to helping people and is always there for you when you need her. I’m so lucky to have Eira as a mentor and I wouldn’t know where I would be if it wasn’t for her mentorship.

Isabel Viavattene
Bachelor of Communications, RMIT University

Eira has been helping since I graduated from university and I cannot thank her enough. She and The Mentorship have opened my eye to my strength as a graduate. The support she has given me by offering a number of services has been a godsend because I have been able to grow my knowledge and skills. She also brings a wealth of experience and knowledge that she shares with each student/graduate.

Maria Romas
Bachelor of Communications, RMIT University

As a mentor, Eira is thoughtful, observant and kind-hearted. She always has time to listen and gives insightful feedback that helps make any troubles or concerns lighter. From our very first meeting, we clicked as two creative souls looking to share our art and experiences. Eira is a joy to work with, she is an amazing leader that always welcomes ideas from others and jumps at the opportunity to create new and exciting things.

I would not be where I am today without Eira’s support and care. She has helped shape me into the person I am and I can’t wait to continue working with her and paying that kindness and experience forward to others.

Gabrielle Downes
Bachelor of Arts, University of Melbourne

Eira was an incredible support to me while I was in The Mentorship program. She always encouraged me to explore all my passions, and helped me find direction in my career during the tricky and uncertain transition from university to the workforce. Her passion for people and tireless work ethic are inspirational, and I try to emulate that in my current job too!

Lewis Forrester
Bachelor of Arts, University of Melbourne


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