I founded The Mentorship as a way to engage and empower young people as they navigate the real world and the uncertain, shifting employment landscape.

Through this work, I began to realise how important it was to share my personal experiences and insights and so in 2020, I launched my passion project, Dear Future Boss.

The podcast explores the challenges that students and graduates face after their studies, particularly those in fields such as media, arts and entertainment, where there is often no clear job outcomes, stability or support. 

The series analyses the future of work for Millennials and Generation Z, and instead of leaning into common fears and doubts, I seek to open discussions on how we can better harness our skills and resources and cultivate our own unique paths of success. 

Dear Future Boss is a podcast filled with stories and insights into what it takes to build a sustainable and fulfilling life as a multi-passionate creative person. From the perspectives of young people who are striving to do just that.

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