For most of my youth and beyond my unconditional love for music, I remember being incredibly focused on pursuing a professional career as a journalist.

I’ve always loved to write and constantly sought opportunities to use my voice (on paper and otherwise) to tell stories and relay interesting and important information.

Yet my burgeoning passion for directing in my later teenage years eventually led me to a Media and Communications degree with a major in Cinema Studies and a focus stream in Film and TV Production.

Upon graduating in the midst of the Global Financial Crisis, I launched into a three-year stint of trying every possible creative production avenue; from filmmaking to radio, magazines and theatre, in hope to build enough experience and networks to land a stable gig.

After years of rejection and tiresome shifts at my casual retail job, I somehow found myself in the corporate world of media sales at a major television network, kick-starting my career in advertising.

Working across the Australian media industry over the last decade has been incredibly eye-opening and helpful in uncovering and developing new skills, from project management and marketing strategy to client service and leadership training and development.

Although my initial plan was to continue to ‘climb the corporate ladder’ (so to speak), the universe somehow led me to leave my full-time marketing job in 2016, causing me to confront and finally take action towards my bigger dreams as a multi-passionate entrepreneur.

Thus, I took a leap of faith into the start-up world and founded The Mentorship, a social enterprise dedicated to supporting young creators in Australia and beyond.

I truly believe that creativity is the key to unlocking powerful solutions to many of the world’s problems and so it is my mission to empower people to be agents of change through creative thinking and action.

With faith at the centre of my purpose, I am becoming more passionate each day about collaborating with others creatively, so that through our shared skills and talents, we are empowered to make positive social change in the world.